Add Entertainment for Kids

Winter & Christmas Theme

An exciting story about the adventures of two best friends — Elf and Joy who bring enjoyment and fun in the town. And the nasty Ice Queen who is bored being along in her Ice Palace also wants to have joy and fun in her cold kingdom. Following the command of the Ice Queen, her … Читать далее «Winter & Christmas Theme»

Unicycle and Juggler

A favourite acrobatic show in all special events, let your guest enjoy with our professional unicyclists a moment of circus fun.

Treasure Hunt

The perfect complement for a pirate day party, where the guest will attend the mission to find the hidden treasure that will give to the winners surprises and gifts as reward, fulfilling the explorer instinct inside the adventure that all kids dream to have once.

The Alchemist Show

Our magic alquimia show will teach and demonstrate the audience how ancient alquimia works with modern procedures, kids will learn how we can transform an item into something absolutely different in aspect and molecular composition with entertaining science, physics and chemistry for all people to enjoy.


Our storyteller will take you to different fantasy worlds where different fairy tales occur, a perfect moment where kids can let go their imagination, always learning the important values of life and enjoying a great moment of fun.

Stilt Walkers

The illusion of big friends roaming around your event will give a much more magical and sophisticated experience to your party, we can provide different characters according to the style you need.

Puppet show

Entertainment for children and adults in this time we will take you inside a story to enforce the values of care, friendship, team work and generosity with a lovely moral. Interaction with guest is allowed in order to achieve the message from our magic puppet show.


A new way to make the classic way of entertainment a “must to have” in your event, mime professional performer will appeal of all your guest in a family show that will transmit all the feelings of a mute world


Imagine the smiles that her/his favourite character will bring out when they appear in their party! Interactive activities, dancing and great pictures will be part of a mascot appearance, complete your magic day with it.

Magic show

Amusement and surprises awaiting for you with our fun kids magic show, tricks, suspense and laughs. Enjoy with the classic and new style magic performance not forgetting the close-up magic as well for all the family. Your guest will love it!

Game Organizer

Our game organizers will bring up the team play spirit to your event by organizing fun and educational games, quizzes and competitions. Creating the perfect environment for the players to interact , weaving all participants to solve or win the assigned tasks acting as an animator and giving the rules for the games to the … Читать далее «Game Organizer»

Face Painting

Give the kids the opportunity to be their favourite character for a while with face painting specially designed for them, we can transform all the little guest in princesses, pirates, fairy tale characters or superheroes in a minute! The best materials for delicate kid’s skin, safe and fun!


Any kids party must enjoy a great clown show! We provide professional, funny and entertaining clowns to bring the laughs to your event, with colourful costumes and crazy jokes, kids won’t let them go.

Catwalk parade

For all those kids who dream to be a model for one day we have created the perfect way to make their dreams come true, even we go further, what about a catwalk where our special guest will show up as their favourite characters? Let them live a fashion experience where the main spotlights are … Читать далее «Catwalk parade»

Cupcake and Candy Girl

An original and delicious addition with fabulous whimsical cupcakes and candies to put happy smiles on your guests. Our service provide an extensive variety of treats that will put the sugar to your event in an original and creative way!

Bubble Show

The most unexpected and original show for your party, make a memorable day with our bubble show, let the kids play with soap and water in a new way, experience the dance of the bubbles and the feeling to be inside one! Unforgettable.

Balloon Twister

A classic that can’t be missing in your party, our artist will entertain and please the dreams of your little guest with pets, accessories, forms and magical ideas that will be the perfect complement to their imaginary world.

Walking Tables

The original way to attend all your guest with the special theme touch of your party, always versatile excellent option on any occasion.